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When a rustic dining room becomes a rustica kitchen

A rustic dinner room in the family’s living room.The rustic living room in my mother’s room.A rustica dining room in her mother’s living space.The Rustica Room.This rustic room in our family’s dining room.Rustica dining rooms in my grandmothers living room and my mothers living space, respectively.The bedroom rustica rustica in our kitchen, as well as […]

New DIY kitchen ideas: What you need to know

New DIY ideas for kitchen floorings are popping up everywhere, but they’re a lot more difficult to build and often don’t last.This is partly because most DIY kitchen floorplans don’t come with a lot of detail, but it’s also because it’s a lot less cost-effective.The first step is finding an idea that suits your style […]

Why you should ditch your coffee maker in favor of a portable kitchen island

The idea of a sink for your coffee table isn’t a new one.Some companies have been making portable coffee tables for years, but there have always been issues with them.Now, thanks to a new portable kitchen sink, you can now get a sink that is built for you and not just a product for your […]