How to choose the perfect Chinese food in the Philippines

article There are many Chinese restaurants in the US, but few that can really rival those in China.One restaurant in the LA area, known as Zoes Kitchen, is one of them.The restaurant is famous for their signature fried chicken and broccoli bowls, but also serves their signature noodle dishes and pizza, as well as some […]

How to use KitchenAid mixer with Ghost Kitchen’s new menu editor

Hacker News article KitchenAid’s kitchen accessories manager has revealed the new Ghost Kitchen menu editor and app, which allows users to edit their kitchen’s menu and add items from a menu, to the Ghost app.Users can add items, and then click “Add” on the right-hand side of the menu to add them to the list.Once […]

When to use a kitchen scale

A KitchenAid mixer can help you measure ingredients.And that’s the point.“You can measure a foodstuff, a liquid or a paste, a broth, a sauce, or a soup, and it’s just the most accurate way of measuring that,” says Tim Farrar, a certified kitchen aid mixer.The KitchenAid Mixer kit comes with everything you need to measure […]