When To Clean Your Kitchen Faucet: The New York Times

The new kitchen fountains that are coming online, like the one you’ll find at the home of your favorite chef, may not be as good as the old ones.So, here are some tips to keep your kitchen fuming when the faucet is about to blow.When to Clean Your New Kitchen Fountains When you buy a […]

Kitchen appliances: How much do you need to get your kitchen up to scratch?

It might not sound like much, but a big kitchen can be a huge investment.Here’s what you need in order to start buying kitchen appliances in your home.Kitchen appliances can cost as little as $10 per month, but many can go up to $100 a month.Some appliances can be purchased on a regular basis.Others require […]

When a New York apartment burned down: A story about a broken kitchen

In June 2008, I moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn’s Manhattan neighborhood.The apartment had a kitchen island light in the bathroom, a sink and a counter top.The living room was decorated with black plastic tables, a bed and a couch.In one corner of the living room, a large, dark table had been removed to […]