How to cook with chicken, duck, turkey, shrimp, and more

There’s no need to stop and say, “That’s it.It’s time to go.”It’s the perfect time to start cooking, whether you’re cooking a slow cooker, slow cooker slow-cooker, or a full-on crockpot.You can also go the slow cooker route with a few other ingredients, like vegetables, grains, beans, and fruit.So, if you’re starting out, this is […]

‘Plethora of’ food poisoning deaths linked to ‘grocery store’

A slew of recent food poisoning outbreaks linked to a “groceries store” in California have added fuel to the public health argument that the chain, which sells items at its store in Irvine, California, may be to blame.In recent weeks, a series of reports and articles have linked the “gourmet” store chain with dozens of […]

How to get a taste of Indian food from the kitchen island

How to cook a meal in the kitchen,from the kitchen’s island to the main dining room,in this video.In this episode, we will be sharing the best Indian dishes,and cooking tips,from all the major kitchens in India,and will be exploring some of the best dishes from the island,and share our favorite dishes that we have found.