The ‘californian kitchen’

The californians have a great kitchen.It’s just a bit too cool for us, we just think we should have a little bit of space to ourselves.We think it’s a good idea to build a little kitchen in the back of our house for us to use.We just don’t think it’ll fit into our living room.There […]

Why you should ditch your coffee maker in favor of a portable kitchen island

The idea of a sink for your coffee table isn’t a new one.Some companies have been making portable coffee tables for years, but there have always been issues with them.Now, thanks to a new portable kitchen sink, you can now get a sink that is built for you and not just a product for your […]

How to choose the perfect Chinese food in the Philippines

article There are many Chinese restaurants in the US, but few that can really rival those in China.One restaurant in the LA area, known as Zoes Kitchen, is one of them.The restaurant is famous for their signature fried chicken and broccoli bowls, but also serves their signature noodle dishes and pizza, as well as some […]