Stonewall Kitchen tools store shuts down

Kitchen tools maker Stonewal Kitchen Tools is shutting down.

Stonewalt announced the closure on Thursday. 

The company had planned to open a new facility in a downtown Detroit location for about $10 million, but the company decided to make the move because of the high cost of labor and equipment.

Stonewall CEO Paul Pritchard says the company will continue to work with other businesses to continue making tools for the public and private sectors. 

“We’ll be continuing to work on the building, and then we’ll be making things that people can use for themselves,” Pritchardsaid. 

Stonewal is the parent company of the Stonewalla Kitchen, which was founded in 1887 and is known for its handmade bread and other traditional home-cooked meals. 

Pritchard said Stonewally was planning to expand to a new location in Detroit, but that’s not yet happening.

The Stonewalls family-owned company was founded by Pritches family and now has about 3,000 employees and more than 500 locations. 

(Photo: Stonewalled)Stonewalls new facility will be a smaller and less staffed space.

The company’s existing facility has capacity for about 8,000 workers. 

According to a Stonewalling spokesperson, the new Stonewalon will be staffed by a staff of about 6 people and will feature a kitchen, a coffee bar, and a laundry.