Which is the best place to start a new restaurant?

A new article from Business Insider gives you the scoop on which restaurant should get you started.

It’s a list of the best restaurants in America, with suggestions for where to start your own.

Read moreRead Business Insider articles by this authorJoey and Amy Burchfield of Houston, Texas, are in the market for a new home.

Their new restaurant, Joey’s Kitchen, has a lot to offer, including a wide range of dining options, but they are looking for something that will also complement their busy lifestyle.

Joey’s kitchen features a dining room with a large bar, an outdoor patio, a full bar, a wine cellar, a woodburning fireplace, and a private patio.

It is a good choice for the couple who have been searching for a restaurant to serve dinner.

Read the full article Joey’s Restaurant: Houston, TXThe Burchfields are looking to start their new business with a good quality menu that is a little more affordable than some other restaurants.

Joey is hoping to serve the family, who have a large family of three, at about $75 per person, which is about $2.50 less than most places in Houston.

The menu features four main courses, with the family option featuring a few appetizers.

They also have a variety of side dishes.

For the family meal, they have a grilled chicken with cornbread, a grilled fish sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and green beans, and fries with tomato sauce.

The main course has a side of a salad.

The entrée is a steak and a side.

They have a salad and a dessert.

Joey has been in the Houston area for about 15 years, and he says that he likes to travel and find restaurants that are a little different.

The restaurant will have seating for about 100 people, but he says it can easily accommodate up to 100 people.

Joey’s Kitchen is located at 1519 Main Street in Houston, which means it is close to downtown.

Joey hopes to have the restaurant open in early 2017.

The Bursons are open to suggestions for new restaurants to open in Houston and the surrounding areas.

If you live in Houston or the surrounding area, send us a tip or a photo with your suggestion using the contact us link.

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