Gold Kitchen Faucet – The Kitchen 2019

The 2018 Gold Kitchen faucets feature a new design, improved performance and a more advanced, ergonomic design that makes it a popular choice for children’s kitchens.

The Gold Kitchen comes in four colors: Blue, Pink, Silver and Gold.

The faucette features a 3.7″ stainless steel base and a 2.5″ deep stainless steel outlet that comes in two finishes.

A 4″ stainless metal outlet can be installed in the base or on the bottom of the fauceter to allow for the most efficient water flow.

A water temperature control knob and a remote control allow the user to set the water temperature and prevent it from rising above 40 degrees Celsius.

The water temperature is set using a digital dial located on the base of the water faucett.

Water pressure is set with a button on the filler cap.

The unit is also available with a 6″ deep fauceting.

The gold kitchen has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Biggest Kids” and the “Hollywood Showcase” and is also featured on Food Network’s “The Kids” episode of Food Network Presents: Food Heroes.

Key Features: