New Delhi: No space for washing dishes and other household items, says Delhi government

The capital’s water supply system has been running on a diesel generator for more than two years, with only one household appliance allowed to be turned on.

The state government has asked its residents to turn off appliances like washing machines and dishwashers as it tries to tackle the city’s water shortage.

It has also set up a task force to oversee the supply of water to businesses, and installed new meters to monitor consumption.

The government has also asked businesses to provide the new meters for free.

However, the task force has yet to receive any response.

“It has not been given any time or information about the installation of the meters, and it is not clear whether the task of installing the meters is ongoing,” a senior official said.

The move comes in the backdrop of a massive drought that has hit the nation in recent years, and in the wake of a major drought in the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in April.

It also comes in a week when the government is hosting a major climate conference in New Delhi.

The capital was last hit by a droughts in 2015 and 2016.

In the drought year, which started in May, the number of deaths from drinking-water poisoning in Delhi increased to 3,788, according to government figures.

“The situation is getting worse and we are trying to keep people away from the water supply,” said Ankit Kumar, a resident of a village in south Delhi.

“We are going to move out of the village if it becomes unsafe.”

The state has faced a major water shortage since 2015, when Delhi had only about 50-100 billion litres of water available for drinking.

The city’s total annual rainfall was about 20-30 mm and its annual snowfall was only 10-15 mm.

The district level of water scarcity is about 1,500-2,000 metres in the district of Gurgaon, the capital of the south-west state of Haryana.

“People are worried that if they stay in Delhi, they will be deprived of drinking water,” said Ajay Gupta, a senior engineer at a company in Gurgaons engineering district.

“In a week, the water situation is expected to be worse than in the year 2015,” he said.

“For now, people are staying indoors and only moving out of Delhi if they have to.”

A spokesman for the Delhi government said it has set up task force “to examine the situation in water supply, and will take steps to increase water availability in the city.”

The government said that it was also working on installing the new water meters in the areas of Kishanpur and Amethi.

“Currently, only one meter is available, and we will add three more meters to provide water to more households,” a spokesman said.

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