Israel’s kitchen floor mats will not be removed in a new settlement

An Israeli settlement is building on a large tract of Palestinian land in the West Bank, as part of a plan to build on a tract of land previously occupied by the West bank’s Jewish residents.

The Israeli settlement plans to build over the land near the al-Shahid refugee camp, known as Ma’ale Adumim, has drawn international criticism, and it is the latest of a string of such projects that have been thwarted by the international community.

Israel and the United States have been pressing Israel to remove the project, which they say would contravene the Oslo Accords, which were signed by the two countries in 1993.

The international community has expressed alarm at the plans, which are opposed by the Palestinian leadership, which has accused Israel of illegally confiscating Palestinian land, and by some Israeli citizens, who fear the construction will further harm their livelihoods.

The Ma’alot outpost, a sprawling multi-storey apartment complex that is also home to the Israeli army’s military police, has been in the midst of an intense lobbying campaign by the Israeli-based settlement group Yesh Din, which is responsible for the project.

But Israeli officials have said the plans are still on track.

According to the planning documents obtained by The Jerusalem Report, Ma’aloit will be built on a 6,000-square-meter tract of Arab land on the east side of the al, the area where Palestinians live.

The tract will be divided into two sections, with the main section housing 1,400 to 1,500 apartments, and the other with 500 to 1 of the buildings, with a maximum of 2,500 residents.

The plan also stipulates that no residential or agricultural buildings will be included in the final section of the project in order to limit construction to Jewish residents of the settlement.

The plans call for a wall that will cover the entire site, and will not exceed a total height of 200 meters (500 feet).

In addition, a separate plan calls for building additional residential buildings, in addition to the planned residential buildings.

The documents do not specify when the plan will be completed, or how much the land will cost.

The project was first revealed by the Hebrew-language Haaretz newspaper in June, and has been subject to intense lobbying by the settlers and their supporters.

The new plan was submitted to the municipality for approval in October, but the municipality did not approve it until January.

According to a spokesman for the Israeli settlement authority, Maaliot will not receive any compensation for the construction.

The Haaretz article quoted Haaretz as saying that the plan was approved by the municipality in accordance with the law, but that the municipality would have to make the necessary changes before the project could proceed.

The settlement will have to obtain permits from the municipality, and a detailed planning plan will have the approval of the municipality’s planning committee.

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