Black Kitchen Sink’s ‘Black’ Kitchen, a new twist on a classic kitchen sink

New York (CNN) — In an effort to reinvent itself as a stylish, contemporary home, Black Kitchen is taking its kitchen sink to new heights.

The new sink is a black version of the kitchen sink with the addition of a black ceramic bowl, a black plastic lid, a brass cover and a black handle that doubles as a handle for your food.

Black Kitchen is launching its first sink in New York City with a new colorway.

The ceramic bowl and lid are made from ceramic that’s similar to that used in the kitchen.

The bowl sits flush with the sink so you don’t have to flip your sink in order to cook.

Black Kitchen says the lid will keep your food cool.

The black plastic handle doubles as an extension to your food so you can keep it from spilling when you eat, or when you throw it out.

Black is selling the sink for $4,999, or about $400 more than the original Black Kitchen sink.