How to Build a Black Kitchen Bouquet for Your Thanksgiving Feast

How to build a Black kitchen bouquet for your Thanksgiving feast! 

Black Kitchen Bouquet Inspired by the black kitchen in hell, we’ve been wanting to create something black since our kids were young.

But this is our first foray into the world of black art and we have to say, it’s really beautiful! 

We’ve chosen to incorporate black art techniques in the creation of this beautiful gift, including the use of black glass, gold leaf, and silver. 

Our Black Kitchen Bouquet will be wrapped in gold leaf paper and be held in place with gold cord. 

We are also using a decorative metal holder for the candle, and an eyelet for the neck. 

The Black Kitchen Bag is made of two layers of the same durable material and is designed to keep it cool during the warmer months. 

To create this beautiful kitchen bouffant, we chose to incorporate the techniques of black and white photography.

We wanted to use our black-and-white photography to create a vibrant, yet timeless design. 

Black Kitchen The base of our Black Kitchen is made from a dark gray silk and is a beautiful addition to any home.

It will compliment any room in your home, and it will look beautiful when the sun goes down! 

Black Gold Leaf Glass The gold leaf is also a great option to use for the back of the Black Kitchen. 

This silver leaf is perfect for a candle holder for any occasion. 

White Gold  Leaf   Glass We use a combination of white gold and gold leaf for our kitchen bouquets. 

Each Kitchen Bourquet is a gift that will be a lasting addition to your home! 

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