Scudetto: ‘It’s all in the hands of the players’

It’s not just the top players who are playing their part to keep Milan afloat.

The Italian giants have a big problem with injuries.

The only other club who has conceded as many goals as Milan is Atalanta, who are the same age as Milan and have the same coach.

For the last two seasons, the Nerazzurri have been struggling to get their back to the table, and it’s been a big reason why they haven’t won the league in five years.

It’s a different story for the rest of Serie A, where the Rossoneri have had to wait two years for a first-team return.

But while the Giallorossi have played just four league matches in the last five months, they are one of only two teams to have won the Italian championship in that period.

Milan have also managed to win the Coppa Italia trophy twice, and have also made the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

They are now on a roll and should be a serious contender to finish the season.