‘Beware’ of this restaurant that’s been dubbed “Beware of the Diner”

The owners of this Chicago restaurant have been dubbed the “Diner of the Future” for its ability to cook food that looks and tastes like the future.

The Diner of The Future, as the name suggests, serves a futuristic menu and dishes that are inspired by futuristic technology.

The restaurant was opened in August 2016.

But it is now facing a backlash over the food it is serving.

The New York Post says it’s “no longer acceptable for diners to eat a piece of the kitchen, as well as a piece that is being used for the kitchen,” while the Chicago Tribune says “The Diner is now a ‘Bite-Off.'”

Diners who choose to eat in the restaurant’s space must put the “Bite” sign out, but the restaurant says the sign is only for those who are “trying to find a place to go.”

The restaurant’s Yelp page says it was originally set up to be a restaurant of the future, but now it’s becoming more of a “Binge-On.”

The New Yorker says the restaurant “doesn’t serve food that’s necessarily original or unique.”

The owner says the idea came from a conversation he had with a friend, who said that people are eating more of what he’s doing now, because they can’t eat something else.

The diner says he’s been asked if he’ll take away the “Eat” sign, but he says he “won’t” because he “can’t afford to do that.”

The diner is still selling items, but they aren’t from the future anymore.

The owner said he’s not worried about the negative attention.

“I want people to be happy.

I want people [to] eat and be happy, and that’s all I care about.”

The Diners Facebook page says that “the restaurant is now open again,” and that it’s looking for “new and creative ways to bring food back to Chicago.”

It says it “has no intention of slowing down” and has plans to open “on a regular basis.”

You can see the diner’s full Yelp page.

It has more than 4,000 reviews, and is a favorite on Trip Advisor.

The Chicago Tribune also called the restaurant a “Diners Restaurant.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been a diner,” the diner told WGN-TV.

“The diner was an idea from my friend, and it just sort of came together.”

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