A ‘Catch-22’ on the economy of the U.S.-Mexico border

The U.N. Security Council’s unanimous adoption of a new resolution Tuesday demanding an end to the drug trade along the southwest border has made President Donald Trump look like a failure.

Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto agreed last week to work out a new deal that will see Mexico pay $6 billion over 10 years to U.A.E. countries to help Mexico contain its own drug epidemic.

That is not the only demand, though, as the Trump administration has also pledged to increase border security, including constructing new border walls.

But with the resolution passing the U,N.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called it “a Catch-22” that will leave a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Mexico.

“There is no alternative to the United Nations’ support for Mexico,” he said at a news conference with Mexican President Pena in the French city of Lyon.

“We are not going to tolerate a situation in which we are losing a lot of our own human beings.”

The U.K. and Australia have also expressed concerns about the impact of the resolution on their own border.

The resolution calls for a “categorical” halt to the illicit drug trade, with Mexico to pay $1.3 billion for the construction of new fences and “improve the conditions” for drug users and smugglers.

The U,S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand will also pay $2.2 billion in aid for Mexico, but Pena’s government has not yet said how much it will provide.

The U.,N.

resolution, which passed 3-2 in a vote of 17-2, called on the countries to implement the measures “without delay” and also for the U.,S.

and Canada to “immediately cease their efforts to implement unilateral measures” against the countries.

The countries are expected to meet in New York next week to discuss the resolution.

Trump has repeatedly called for a wall along the U-S.-Mexican border to protect Americans from illegal immigrants.

Mexico has repeatedly rejected that idea.

The Mexican government says the wall will be built on privately owned land, with the funds coming from the U and Mexico.

Pena has also said Mexico will pay $7 billion to build the wall and the U.-Mexico bond has been rejected by U.NSO chief Antonio G. Guterre, a former Mexican ambassador to the U

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