Food safety is the ‘first priority’ at southern kitchen in Atlanta

The food safety and nutrition program at Southern Kitchen Atlanta is being overhauled to ensure its safety, officials announced Monday.

The change follows several food-borne illnesses reported in the Atlanta metro area since January.

The changes come after the Atlanta Public Schools Department, Georgia Department of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated food safety concerns at the Atlanta-area school district and found no credible evidence of food safety issues.

A statement released by the Department of Health and Human Services said:The Department of Agriculture is reviewing the state of Southern Kitchen and its food safety program and has asked the state Department of Education to help ensure that Southern Kitchen is safe for all students and staff.

The Department of the Environment will also be conducting an evaluation of Southern’s food safety efforts.

The new food safety initiative is expected to take effect in the fall, said Amy Paretti, the assistant secretary for the department of food and nutrition.

The program is funded by a state grant and the state will pay the cost of implementation.

The Georgia Department for Public Health has been investigating food safety at the school district for several years, and found food-safety concerns in three cases, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The investigation led to the establishment of the Atlanta Office of Food Safety, which oversees food safety for all schools in the city.

The new food-security program aims to address the issues identified by the state.

The changes at Southern will not impact students who have food-related health concerns, Parett said.

The food will be tested for bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The school district has also asked for the public’s help in identifying food-susceptible bacteria.

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