Trump: ‘We are the most popular people on earth’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed his party is “the most popular in history.”

Trump, who has a 93 percent approval rating, said he’s “the greatest leader on the planet” and has created a “strong” and “stronger America.”

The president said the country is “getting the message” on issues such as health care and “immigration.”

“I’m the most powerful person in the world and we are the greatest people on the earth,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Nashville, Tenn.

“I love this country and we’re going to keep getting it right, even if it means making mistakes and trying new things.”

We are, as a nation, the most favored people on Earth, he said, adding that “we’re going into this in a much stronger, stronger and better position than we ever thought possible.”

It’s the greatest president on the Earth, the president said.

This is a time for renewal, he added.

Trump’s campaign was criticized by some, including Democrats, for not making the case for him in the first four months of his presidency.

A CNN/ORC poll released on Tuesday showed Trump’s approval rating at 88 percent.

The President’s rating, however, dipped slightly from 91 percent in May.

It fell to 79 percent in April and 71 percent in March.

As president, Trump has faced criticism for the way he has handled the nation’s opioid crisis, and his administration has struggled to implement policies such as expanded access to Medicaid and other health insurance coverage.

House Republicans have introduced legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and have signaled a willingness to consider a proposal from House Democrats that would cut the corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent.