How to create a high-quality kitchen cabinet design from a scratch

In 2017, it became the world’s first time a high quality kitchen cabinet designer has taken the world by storm.

And that’s exactly what Hui Mei Li of Hong Kong Kitchen Cabinets has done, creating a cabinet designed from the ground up to impress anyone in her kitchen.

“My idea was to create something that was going to impress even those who have never been to Hong Kong before,” Li said.

“So I thought, what better way to introduce myself than to make a kitchen cabinet that would surprise even the most dedicated kitchen enthusiasts.”

The inspiration for the design was her love for the food culture of Hongkong, where a culinary landscape has evolved in the last 50 years.

“It’s not like cooking in China anymore, but in Hong Kong, I was always eating out,” Li told Recode.

“And the food in Hongkongs kitchen has evolved and grown.”

She went on to say, “I wanted to make it as authentic as possible.”

In addition to a traditional Chinese menu, the design also includes the ingredients used in everyday Chinese cooking, like noodles and vegetables.

It also includes a full-sized table, which has been designed to be easy to handle and to be more like a living room than a kitchen.

Li’s kitchen cabinets have been selling out at home-style stores like Home-Made Kitchen, a Hong Kong retailer specializing in custom kitchen cabinets.

They’re priced at about $500, which is still well below the prices of the pricier products.

Home-made kitchen cabinets are also made with materials like bamboo, aluminum and wood.

“I love the way these cabinets are made, but they’re also so lightweight and they’re made from materials that are environmentally friendly,” Li added.

She also said that she wanted to design cabinets for people who don’t know a lot about cooking. “

When I look at it, I really like how they are beautiful.”

She also said that she wanted to design cabinets for people who don’t know a lot about cooking.

“This is a really cool opportunity for people, to have a chance to be in the kitchen, and see it for themselves,” she said.

The kitchen cabinets were made from aluminum foil, so they’re more durable than traditional cabinets, but there’s no way to heat them up to cook.

And although the cabinets have no walls to prevent people from touching them, Li said she’s also designed them to look cool.

“A lot of the design decisions I made for these cabinets were based on what people were looking for, like the fact that they look so beautiful,” Li continued.

“The fact that it’s handmade is really important to me.”

The cabinets are now on sale for $450 at Home-MADE Kitchen, and Li said the company has plans to make more cabinets like hers.

“If I do have the time, I’ll definitely create more kitchen cabinets,” she added.

She’s also open to getting more ideas from the community.

“Sometimes I get ideas for new cabinets and I ask for feedback,” Li stated.

“Other times, I just have a few of them in my head, and I’ll start to work on them.”

The cabinet design has garnered praise from chefs around the world.

“Hui Mei is a fantastic kitchen designer who brings the best of Chinese cooking to our kitchen,” said Lee Kwon of Kim’s Kitchen in Seoul, South Korea.

“Her cabinet design is beautiful, simple and unique.”

The makers behind Home- Made Kitchen, meanwhile, said they’re still working on their own cabinets and plan to offer more.

“We’re still in the process of creating our own cabinets,” said co-founder and creative director, Yee Woon Lee.

“There are many people who are very excited about this new design, but we’re still not sure if we’ll be able to make them in time.”

You can check out more pictures of the cabinets in our slideshow.

The next step for Home- made Kitchen is to produce more cabinets and have them made by hand.

“Our goal is to create more cabinets in the future,” Lee said.

They’ve also started to build a website where you can see a complete kitchen cabinet collection.

“For now, we’re only doing the initial prototype,” Lee added.

But with so many people already loving these cabinets, we’ll have more cabinets to share soon.

We’ll also have more news on this and other cooking trends coming soon from Recode, Recode Media and the Recode Podcast.