The Kitchen island lights

FourFourSeconds ago, a series of kitchen sink fountains in the UK were switched off after a series was installed on the property of a prominent woman.

The installation was part of a multi-million-pound redevelopment of a former dairy building in south-west London that was bought by the developer in 2016, the BBC reported.

The project has been criticised by environmental groups who say it will harm the environment.

The company responsible for the installation said it had not been aware of the problems until it was alerted by environmental campaigners who are now calling for a full investigation into the installation.

But the project was suspended after a local resident complained to the council in June.

The council has now suspended the project pending a full review.

The kitchen sink was installed in a building owned by the woman, and her landlord told the BBC that she had no intention of installing the fountents in her kitchen.

“The kitchen is not an environment for anything but to have fountants in the kitchen, to have a shower in the bedroom,” she told the channel.

The council says it is investigating the matter, and that it will not remove the faucet from the property until a full inquiry is carried out.

“We are conducting an investigation and we will make the final decision,” a council spokesperson told the Channel.

“It is a very complex matter and we have to look at every possible option to get to the right outcome.”

I am not going to comment on what happened, but this is a matter that we are investigating and that will be looked at.

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