10 Most Common Things You Will See At A Chinese Kitchen Planning Event

We’ve seen this in movies, TV shows, and TV shows before, but now it’s the real world.

This is one of the more common things people do at Chinese kitchens, and it can result in some truly amazing dishes.

Let’s take a look at 10 things that you will see at a Chinese kitchen planning event.


The Cheesecake and Ice Cream Sandwich 2.

A Freshly Baked Baked Pie 3.

The Cucumber Salad with Sweet Potato Soup 4.

The Grilled Salmon Sandwich 5.

The Szechuan Beef Salad with Crispy Pork and Beef 6.

The Tofu Soup with Tofutti Chicken 7.

The Freshly Fried Chicken Wings 8.

The Pork Chops with Vegetable Stew 9.

The Sweet Potato Curry Chicken Salad 10.

The Broccoli Salad with Cabbage and Sweet Potato 11.

The Eggplant Salad with Tomato Soup and Eggplant 12.

The Garlic Chicken Wings 13.

The Chicken and Broccoli Soup 14.

The Potato Salad with Pea and Tomato Soup 15.

The Fried Fish Salad with Tuna Soup and Fried Mushroom 16.

The Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich 17.

The Crispy Fish Wings 18.

The Creamy Tomato Soup 19.

The Baked Fish Salad 20.

The Roasted Fish Salad 21.

The Green Salad with Feta Cheese and Olive Oil 22.

The Dessert with Sweet Corn and Sweet Peas 23.

The Fiery Fish Salad 24.

The Spicy Seafood Salad 25.

The Chocolate Pudding with Nutella and Cinnamon 26.

The Black Bean Ice Cream 27.

The Pumpkin Cake with Marshmallow Fluff 28.

The Fruit Salad with Pumpkin and Maple Syrup 29.

The Lemon Cake with Vanilla Cream and Lemon 30.

The Honeycomb Cake with White Chocolate Ice Cream 31.

The Strawberry Ice Cream 32.

The Cookie Dough Cake with Chocolate Chip Cookies 33.

The Pancakes with Sweet Cream 34.

The Cinnamon Roll with Maple Syrups 35.

The Bacon Wrapped Roll with Coconut Cream and Butter 36.

The Maple Butter Cake with Maple Sugar 37.

The Apple Cake with Apple Pie Crumbs 38.

The White Chocolate Cake 39.

The Blueberry Shortcake 40.

The Banana Bread with Blueberry Syrup 41.

The Yogurt with Strawberry Syrup 42.

The Vanilla Bean Icecream with Vanilla Gelato 43.

The Cake with Honey Nut Cheeses 44.

The Chai Tea Cake with Green Tea Cream 45.

The Marshmallow Roll with Marshmallows 46.

The Pudding Cake with Caramel Syrup 47.

The Ice Cream Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream 48.

The Gingerbread Cookies 49.

The Brownies with Peanut Butter Cream and Marshmallow 45.


The Shrimp Salad with Pecan Crumbs 50.

The Beef and Garlic Salad with Coconut Oil 51.

The Fish and Egg Salad with Pistachios 52.

The Lamb Salad with Garlic and Herb 53.

The Salad with Fresh Fruits 54.

The Tomato Salad with Tomatoes and Apricots 55.

The Vegetable and Garrot Cake 56.

The Pasta Salad with Chicken and Avocado 57.

The Meatball Salad with Beef Ribs 58.

The Spinach Salad with Spinach, Bacon, and Red Onion 59.

The Carrot Salad with Carrots, Celery, and Spinach 60.

The Pineapple Salad with Pineapple, Strawberry, and Coconut 61.

The Peach and Peach Salad with Peach, Lemon, and Lime 62.

The Peanut Mousse with Coconut and Chocolate 63.

The Cherry and Lime Cake 64.

The Mango Fruit Salad 65.

The Quiche with Spinaches 66.

The Salmon with Salmon and Rice 67.

The Avocado and Avocados Salad 68.

The Duck Breast with Roasted Peppers 69.

The Spring Roll with Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, and Garbanzo Beans 70.

The Steamed Rice with Spring Vegetables 71.

The Rice Cake with Rice, Coconut, and Chocolate 72.

The Coconut Mousse 73.

The Curry Curry Chicken Wings 74.

The Cheese Dip 75.

The Crab Cakes 76.

The Mushroom and Cheese Dip 77.

The Chinese Salad 78.

The Hot and Sour Soup 79.

The Glazed Vegetable Soup 80.

The Applesauce with Sweet Peaches 81.

The Mocha Smoothie 82.

The Orange Smoothie 83.

The Frozen Peach Smoothie 84.

The Vegan Smoothie 85.

The Coffee Bean Smoothie 86.

The Snack with Hazelnut Spread 87.

The Cookies and Cream Sandwich 88.

The Mini Pretzel Sandwich 89.

The Butter Bean Sandwich 90.

The Smoky Chipotle Cornbread Sandwich 91.

The Cranberry Shortbread Sandwich 92.

The Cornbread Pancakes 93.

The Kale and Sweet Potatoes Sandwich 94.

The Nachos with Peppers and Cheese 95.

The Eggs Benedict with Peanuts 96.

The Casserole Sandwich 97.

The Salted Car